Monday, 2 November 2009

Mika Rottenberg (English only)

Is making art a playful activity?

Do you like to cook?
Yes, but I forgot how to. I used to be a very good cook, but the last time I cooked it was a disaster.

Have you ever tried sweatshop labor?

Why New York?
I love New York

Would you make a good CEO?

What was your idea of the future when you were a child?
People having reall big blobby bodies and small heads and not moving very much. Communicating through telepathy.

If time were money how much would you have?

In private life, do you experiment a lot?
All the time

Do you like explaining what you do?

Do you lie?
I tried my best not to

How would a hede fund look like in the art field?
I have no idea

What do you imagine the life of an everyman in Poland as?
I don’t know exactly but I’ve always wanted to shoot a horror movie in a little village in Poland. The main theme would be around a bakery and Goldie Hawn would appear in it.

Where would you like to spend rest of you life?
I’m not worried about it. I try to stay in the present moment

Do you read comic books? Watch cartoons?
Used to, especially Japanese porn manga. Bondage fairies in particular.

What would you make out of a rubber band, some glue and a peanut?
Sounds really good as it is

Are you a feminist?

Would you rather have Obama be black or a woman?
Rather Obama do a good job

Are you cynic?

Do you draw a lot? What is drawing for you?
Yes – it’s everything

What do you think about todays art?
No comment

Which card trick or game best describes your work?
3-D puzzles and monopoly

What is your take on optimism?

Do you listen to Jay-z?

Do you have a favorite substance to work with?
Water – sparkling – lot’s of it

Can we dance?

Mika Rottenberg Online

For K MAG 03.

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